Case Study

Designing an onboarding experience to help users better understand their finances


The Services

Visual Design Visual Design
UI Design UI/UX Design
Branding Design Branding Design


The Client

Golden makes it easy for users to assist their family members in planning their financial futures. Each year, over 10 million seniors are no longer able to manage their own finances, due to diminished capacity. To aid in this, Golden has an application that allows children with elderly parents to manage their parents' finances, including paying bills, signing up for VA benefits, renegotiating mortgage, and paying for assisted living.

The original Golden onboarding UI

Our Mission

The Task

We were tasked with re-designing the onboarding experience for the Golden web application. The new experience needed to be simple, informative and designed responsively to be used on mobile screen sizes as well as desktop (the most common screen size for Golden's users).

The first screen of the new Golden onboarding process.

First Up

The Re-Design

In reviewing the previous onboarding experience, we first noticed that users were not being informed of how many steps they would need to take in order to complete the signup process. It's important to establish a great user experience from the very first screen, and so we made sure to label the step and provide context for how many steps remained in the process.

From there, we designed a UI that was friendly and inviting. The previous application had used browser defaults for input fields, as well as default checkboxes, and this felt a bit cold. It didn't have a unique quality to it. We aim to make our products unique and memorable, in order to provide the best user experience possible. We softened the brand's color palette to warm orange and yellow hues to assist in creating a welcoming user experience.

Providing users with options grouped into three categories, and showing accompanying icons for each section, made it easier to parse over just having text blocks - as was previously designed.

Golden Hour

The Piggy Bank

While creating the new onboarding experience, we saw it as the perfect time to create a visual element to improve user experience. Because their would need to be a few screens of mostly text, having an illustration would break up this content nicely. A piggy bank had been used previously in emails to Golden users, and we took the opportunity to update the visual.

Previous piggy bank illustration that had been used in email and marketing content.

Iterations of early, revised piggy bank illustrations.

Final piggy bank illustration

We created a loading state to ensure that users had context while the form was being submitted.

Animated piggy bank to provide a nicer user experience while waiting for form submission.

Once the financial information is prepared, users provide a few pieces of contact information to be sent their report.

Success state of financial information being emailed to user.

Downloadable PDF that is sent to users after they complete the onboarding experience.