Case Study

Crafting the brand of a college discovery platform


The Services

Branding Design Branding Design


The Client

LoopU enables college students to show off their college to high school students who want to know more about the institution. College students (the content creators) record videos of their school, give them a title and caption and then categorize them. The videos are approved by other college students (the content editors​), LoopU, and the admissions office at each college.

Approved videos are then published to each college's profile where users can view the content. The goal of LoopU is to show high school students the different parts of a college, the people who attend the college and to let the high school students determine their “fit” at each college.

Initial logo and wordmark concepts based on introductory call with client.

First Up

The Discovery

We like to begin every branding project with a discovery phase. This typically includes looking for all materials (text, symbols, photos, etc.) that could have been used when creating a brand for the company before. In the case of LoopU, however, the name itself was unique and so we began by talking with the client about imagery that they woud like to see in the final brand. Amongst the concepts discussed were having learning elements such as a book and/or arrow incorporated into the logo. We took to creating logo and wordmark explorations for the client and presented the following.

Fonts and Wordmarks selected by client to be further conceptualized

Phase Two

The Refinement

After showing the initial concepts, the piece of feedback that stood out the most was that the client liked the standalone symbols, but wanted more of a cohesive wordmark that would be the anchor for the brand. With this in mind, we set out to refine the top choices from the first round of designs into a more polished wordmark concept.

Refining the symbol versions the client chose from the inital exploration

Trying a variety of stroke widths in the looping line that travels from the "L" to the "U".

Presenting the revisions/variations of the wordmark to the client with notes regarding stroke width for better context around changes that were made.

Phase Three

The Finalization

After going through the refined designs, we began our finalization process. Often times, when creating initial wordmark and logo designs, rough guides and/or shape proportions are utilized - in order to capture the idea without worrying too much about pixel perfection. In the finalization stage, however, we go back to the top choice for wordmark and/or symbol and re-draw it with aspect ratio and pixel snapping as top priority. We want the final mark to have the character of the original ideas, but captured in a way that will look good across all media (screen, print, tv, apparel, etc.)

Getting the details sorted, with an asterisk to demonstrate the chosen stroke width option by the client.

Once the wordmark was decided, it was time to create a symbol from the letter "U" for use in profile images.

Demonstrating how the wordmark and symbol will appear at different sizes, which is particularly useful in determining the appearance across social media profiles, favicons, print materials and more.

Initial color palette exploration.

Finalized color palette.

Finalized logo