Case Study

Designing and developing an email campaign for the future of lacrosse


The Services

Visual Design Visual Design
UI Design UI/UX Design
Web Development Web Development

Client's Request

The Mission

Design and code several email newsletters for "The Ride" - Nike Lacrosse's summer youth lacrosse camp. Maintain the Nike brand aesthetic. Make the emails look great and have them load quickly.

Our Problem

The Challenge

As expected with a client of this caliber, certain elements were fastened to a pre-existing set of guidelines including font choice, color values, and supplied photos. However, we were given creative control over defining layout, creating geometric patterns and illustrating mobile devices.

The real challenge in this particular scenario was the timeline. We were given just about 10 days to go from creating an initial visual concept to sending out the completed and coded email campaigns.

End Game

The Result

We delivered the email campaigns on time as promised, and they loaded as quickly as the client had requested. While we were not privy to the analytics of the campaigns once they were sent out - based on client feedback - the work was very well received.